Please note we will closing on Wednesdays short term

We will now be opening from 8-1pm

We will keep you updated here on fish available and opening times etc

Stay well

John and Carole

Lemon Soles 450 grams each
Hake Steaks
Large Plaice fillets
Cod fillet
Haddock fillet
Salmon fillet
Rainbow trout
Fresh Squid
Fresh Crabmeat
Monk Fish (4oo grams Tails)
Sea bass 800-1 kg fish
Sea bass 600-800 fish
Gilt Head Bream 600-800fish
Sea Bass fillets
Smoked salmon
Hot Smoked Salmon
Kippers( Frozen)
Scallop Meat
Fresh Tuna Loin
Fresh Swordfish Loin
Large Raw Prawns

More Frozen Swordfish & Tuna
Selection of Frozen Prawns


4 Rectory Lane

Ashtead Surrey

KT21 2BB

01372 273584

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Our Shop

The traditional fishmonger is now a rarity in British towns and villages. However there is one in Ashtead, Surrey.

The shop has been a fishmongers for over 100 years and is now run by John and Carole previously of Dorking Fisheries. With over 30 years experience in the fish trade we offer the finest quality fish and shellfish with a knowledgeable service and if your really lucky the occasional smile.

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