The Fish



Quality is foremost. We select and collect our fish and shellfish from Billingsgate Market. four days a week. Where possible, the fish is line caught from day boats, the majority having been caught in the West Country.

Our Salmon are sea-reared and farmed in The Shetlands. They actually swim for a living! The texture is firm with an excellant flavour and not too fatty; unlike a lot of the farm Salmon available. We also stock Wild Atlantic Salmon And Seatrout when in season.

Try our fresh Scottish Smoked Salmon. A perfect balance- moist with a subtle Oak flavour. It's even sanctioned under the Manchester Beth Din. Our Smoked Salmon is available pre-sliced or as whole sides sliced or unsliced.

If your fed up buying mussels that only half open, then you are buying the wrong ones!Perhaps it's time you tried our Rope Grown Shetland Mussels;loads of meat with a great flavour.

Whether you are looking for a nice piece of Peterhead Cod for two or a Wild Turbot for four, we can help. Just give us a call, email us, or pop in and have a chat.

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